As an actor

Acting for 20 plus years in theatre, commercials, interactive plays, improv, films, and sketches, there is literally nothing he can't do. Comedy, Drama, Action, think of Ajala like a more stable Tom Cruise, with the ability of Dr. Who, wrapped in a delicious black bodice.

As a Writer

"Writing is the creative juice that leaks from my every orifice" 

This famous quote not only describes Ajala's brilliance at prose, but shows the depth of his knowledge as a writer. From novels to Screenplays, Ajala has mastered the art of the narrative and is currently developing tools to help develop less worldly writers to "think" more like him.


As a Shooter/Editor

He sometimes may wear glasses but his hindsight is always 20/20. With 5+ years of DP and editing experience Ajala shoots to edit, with an eye for what makes a beautiful visual story. With or without a big production package, Ajala makes every shot stunning, and with his stellar foresight he can look back and fix the future in post.

As a Director

There rarely comes a more commanding presence. With his high, manly voice and excitable nature, this stud of a human has directed several plays, music videos, short films, web series and his own features. With an actor first approach, Ajala gets the best performance first out of his cast, then his crew. A deadly serious demeanor makes others jump to action, and his towering 5'5 body puts the Dire in Director.